bigstock-MOSCOW-DEC-Participants-49623836-300x300bigstock-Rear-view-of-businesswoman-sta-70703485-300x240An audition at Midwest Speaking Professionals helps members to assess the candidate’s proficiency as an advanced speaker and to learn more about the candidate as an individual. Our audition process allows us to learn about the candidate’s commitment, purpose and goals related to speaking professionally.

The Audition Process

  1. Attend a minimum of two (2) MSP meetings as a guest
  2. Participate in group speaker evaluations during those two meetings
  3. Apply to audition with the VP of Membership
  4. The VP of Membership will schedule an audition
  5. MSP members will vote, and the VP of Membership or President will give you the results
  6. Depending on the membership vote, join as the newest member, or ask to audition again

Audition Requirements

What are our members looking for when you deliver your audition? We are looking to learn a little about you and see you display your speaking skills. We also want to learn why speaking is important to you and your business. Just as important is hearing what you wish to get from MSP and what you can give in return. What can you offer other members to help them and you grow? And we want to learn a little about you personally. Now the hard part, get that all done in 5-7 minutes.

This speech is NOT a traditional Toastmasters speech. It is not what you would give to your regular
business constituency. We will hear that content when you are a member. While we all have
Toastmasters in our blood, we are also looking to move beyond it into the professional world.

The Audition

  1. Display your skills. We expect you to be a comfortable and confident speaker, so show us that you are. We expect your speech to be organized, that you will use your voice and body well, and that you appear to be comfortable in front of a group. Do we expect perfection? Of course not! Just solid skills. This is the most important aspect of your audition.
  2. Tell us WHY speaking is important to you. For example:
    • Tell us what topics you expect to speak about and the types of audiences to which you plan to market.
    • Will you be speaking to promote your business? If so, talk about your business and any experiences you may have had so far in speaking to support it.
    • If you haven’t used speaking yet to promote yourself, but plan to, tell us about that.
    • If you have a cause on whose behalf you want to speak, talk about the cause.
    Telling us about your aspirations is the second most important part of your audition.
  3. Tell us what you expect to bring to the club in terms of past experiences, coaching skills, organizational skills, etc. and what benefits you expect to bring to other MSP members.
  4. Tell us about who you are as a person. What is your “personal story,” and how will it help you to connect with your audiences? Anything is fair game: Your family, your background, your interests and hobbies, challenges that you have overcome, your work; whatever you think will give us a snapshot of the “you” behind your message.

Remember: You need to do all of this in 5-7 minutes! (Not meeting the time requirements is an instant fail of the audition.)

REMINDER: The Audition is not a speech you would give to your target audience. We’ll hear that content when you become a member.

The auditions are followed by a break, during which club members determine which candidates passed the audition and will be invited to join the club. Members in attendance discuss the following:

  • Did the candidate demonstrate “advanced” skills?
  • Was it clear that the candidate has a reason to speak outside of the Toastmasters setting?
  • Did the candidate meet the various elements of the audition process?
  • Has the candidate attended two previous club meetings and interacted as a contributor in evaluations and other ways?
  • Was commitment expressed from the candidate? Does the candidate “really want it”?

After discussion, members will then vote on one of two possible outcomes:

  • Invite the candidate to join the club, OR
  • Invite the candidate to audition again

The VP of Membership will meet with each candidate during the break to deliver the decision, and if the candidate passed the audition, we will give the candidate an application form to join the club.

Good luck! We look forward to hearing your audition.