I have spent over 30 years in technology and business melding people and technology to become more successful.

As technology dan-m-profile-picprogressed at its rapid pace, there has been one constant – people. No matter how amazing and intricate our technology has become, the human factor has always fascinated me.

The advantage of seeing business from the technology, IT, perspective is that I have to understanding of how each part of the business is operated and how the parts intersect and interact.

What I have found on my journey is that 85% of IT is people, not the actual technology

CEOs and executives don’t always understand what their technologists are doing and saying. IT doesn’t always understand the objectives of the business.

I excel at translating between technical and non-technical people. I can get them to the point where they speak a common language and benefit the success of the business.

Too often CEOs separate technology from people. You cannot run your business without technology. However, technology is not a panacea. We work with you to improve the tech-human interface and make these tools benefit your business and get you working together with other performing like-minded executives.

I speak on: How Too Often CEOs Separate Tech From People

Our company CEOshare, facilitates mastermind groups, group and individual coaching and runs workshops for CEOs, executives and your employees, vendors and customers. I am also an active public speaker.

I look forward to our conversation. Please visit us at CEOshare