New Barbara Everyone has a voice! You were put on this earth with a purpose, and people are waiting to hear what you have to say. Do not let anyone stop you from hearing your inner voice.

I am a professional speaker and my core message is to be a cheerleader for anyone who thinks that they have no voice and that no one wants to listen to them.

It does not matter what you look like, or who you are; you are important and I want to speak to that person who is telling you, “No you cannot speak,” or not to do something that you want to do in life and people told you, you can’t.

In addition,

  • Barbara Beckley, is the Chicagoland Chapter Leader for Women’s Prosperity Network. She utilizes her Leadership Expertise and self-empowering skills to show individuals how to improve their businesses and for their personal growth.
  • Barbara obtained a Degree in Business Management from Robert Morris College, Barbara has trained, created events and educational opportunities for over 5500 individuals.
  • She’s a motivational speaker who helps women to cope and move forward when confronted with various obstacles in their lives. Barbara actively advocates for the Illinois community and believes that everyone has a gift within themselves that they can use to help others.


Keynote speeches:

Making the Most of Time, People Management, not Time.

In this Presentation, Barbara will share why Time cannot be managed and it takes the individual to create boundaries within their lives in accomplishing individual goals.

Unleashing Personal Awareness – Moving your Obstacles

Barbara will provide tips on how to remove stumbling blocks that will prevent you from accomplishing your goals and help you to understand how to move forward in the face of adversity. She will help you to navigate around the excuses.  In addition, she will work with each individual to create a plan of action to continue to motivate them each day regardless of the downfalls and tragedies that have occurred in their lives.

What the Yellow Brick Road Taught about Leadership Qualities

In this talk, Barbara will show you the leadership qualities that were used within the famous movie “The Wizard of OZ” and explain the important features of the leadership traits that can increase your own strengths within you own leadership roles.

Custom Topics are available, just ask!

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