Midwest Speaking Professionals began with the desire of three members of the Windy City Professional Club in Chicago to form a club in the northern suburbs to support speaking professionals there.

Those three individuals—Barbara Beckley, Jeff Stein and Stephanie Kurokawa—had experienced the benefit of supporting each other when they prepared together for the Windy City auditions. As they prepared for those auditions, they discussed the potential value of a club that could serve current and aspiring professional speakers in the northern suburbs.

Within a few months, they had completed the groundwork and then were ready to add additional people to their advisory board. Matthew Fox and Eric Feinendegen joined the core planning group, followed shortly after by Tom Keefe, John Tsarpalas and Steve Cerve.

With a clear mission, structure and growth plan that expanded the geographic recruiting area to the entire Midwest, the core group now is reaching out to other advanced speakers, inviting them to visit and audition for the club.

Learn more by visiting Midwest Speaking Professionals at an upcoming meeting. We look forward to welcoming you!